This Freakin’ Show S2E6- The End of the World and Stellar Chaos

This week, we discuss the terrible fires in Gatlinburg, TN and Oakland, CA. Our hearts and prayers are with you.

To listeners who'd like to help here's a site with some suggestions:

We also talk to our friends over at Infinite Monkeys Games about their flagship game, Stellar Chaos! The all new Roleplaying Game coming to you this January! It's pretty fantastic and you should definitely be on the lookout. It's so good, we talked for almost two and a half hours about rpg goodness. But don't worry, you won't have to listen to it all at once. We split it up for you with half coming to you this week, and half next week!

This week's Freakin' State of Mind is brought to you by Colorado. Colorado; living the high life figuratively and literally since 2015.

As always, this episode was brought to you by Firepit Bar and Grill of Peotone, IL.

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